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The Worst Idea Ever Pt. 1

Most of the moulding in our house is coated with several layers of paint. It's not as built up as in some older homes I've lived in, but certainly many once clean, sharp corners are now nearly childproofed. I started thinking (and I have to take full blame for this one) wouldn't it be nice to bring that moulding back to the original wood?

This is where we learn that sometimes looking for inspiration on the internet is the worst thing you can do to yourself. This is doubly true for HGTV.

With four days left of the holiday break before I went back to work full time, I headed to the hardware store and picked up some chemical paint stripper. I decided to do a test run on an ugly purple hallway window. Start small, right? What I learned was that you really have to let the stuff sit for at least a day, and even then it can still be a huge pain to scrape off, and that the chemical smell was pretty overwhelmingly terrible.

Armed with the knowledge from this entirely unsuccessful test run I felt fully prepared for a bigger challenge: the entire living room.

We threw plastic on what we couldn't move out of the room and covered the floor with cardboard.

Things were going pretty well.

Then, almost a month ago, I went back to work.

And we totally lost interest in this project.

We moved the TV to the guest room for now.

To be continued...

What totally in-over-your-head projects have you gotten yourself into?


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